Articles and Resources

Media Articles

Here you will find a selection of recent media articles on key issues surrounding the project – addressing housing affordability and highlighting the role of housing co-operatives.

‘Five solutions that wouldn’t drive up housing prices in Australia.’ The Guardian.

‘More affordable housing with less homelessness is possible – if only Australia would learn from Nordic nations’, The Conversation.

‘Do politicians even want to revive the Australian dream of homeownership? ABC News,

‘Thinking big helped Australia solve a housing crisis in the 1940s. We can do it again.’ The Guardian.

How co-operative housing gave me the peace of mind I thought I’d never find,’ The Guardian.

Research Report

This new report by the Australia Institute foregrounds the role of the housing co-operative sector in Scandinavian countries, where they provide housing for up to 40% of the population in major cities. It was co-produced by a member of our research team, Dr Sidsel Grimstad.

Scott, A., Grimstad, S., Holst, H. (2022) ‘Homes for People: How Nordic policies can improve Australia’s housing affordability’, The Australia Institute.